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      What is a Form?

 A form is a collection of fields that a user inputs information into.
 An example would be first name, last name etc. The fields can also  be prepopulated with any information you specify, where a user can  select from a list. The user fills out the form and then clicks a button  at the end of the form to submit the data. Forms are used on many  sites across the net.

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  I Need more that just a
  form. I Need a website.

  Great! We can create
  your entire online

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        We develop forms for your website

We create secure interactive forms for data delivery       and all of your online business needs. We build       unsecured email forms (we can't email sensitive data       like billing info)or secured forms where the data is       delivered to a database with a secure interface to       view the data. Whether your product is bicycles,       baby toys or airplanes we have a solution to fit your       unique individual business needs.

     What will Forms do for my website?

With the addition of forms to your website you    will gain user input based on the specific    questions you ask. These forms can be used to    gather user information for the purpose of sales    on your website, or general marketing research    for your target market. You can gather future    business leads, conduct surveys or take online    orders. The possible uses for forms on your    website are endless.

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